Andre Botha

My first year experience at CFCI BC at the Vaal

When I enrolled for the first year at CFCI BC I really thought that I had a good relationship with God and a fair knowledge of His Word. But I never anticipated the change about to take place in the deeper recesses of my spirit.

As the year progressed and we got deeper into the teachings, a tremendous yearning for Christ was developing inside of me and I discovered that it was happening according to Eph 3:19 19 and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
(ESV) I could feel my spirit stretching every day as I was in the process of being filled with the fullness of God.

I have discovered the greatest treasure, which is to become more like Christ and to walk in love with others. CFCI BC also taught me how to release my faith into every situation in my life, so now when trials come my way, I don’t flinch in fear, but speak God’s Word into the situation. It has radically changed my conception of reality and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Theresa Joubert

Dear prospective CFCI Bible College student, if you are reading this you are most probably looking for something more regarding your spiritual life, well look no further.

I was longing for guidance and a deeper sense of understanding the Word when, as an answer to my prayers, God led me to Christian Family Church International Bible College (CFCIBC) at the Vaal. How it happened is a testimony in itself. During my first year of study I experienced all I asked for and much more. The theme “To cultivate intimacy with God through a personal relationship” is what I experienced in all facets of my spiritual life.

I grew beyond my expectations and was transformed into workable clay, being molded daily by experiences, circumstances, people and the subsequent guidance of the Spirit, steering me towards what God planned for my life.

You will not regret joining the CFCIBC family……your pathway to spiritual maturity and a destiny in God’s Will.