How Do I Enroll?

The Courses have been categorized into different themes for each year, thus creating a flow that depicts what that year of study aims to achieve, and the desired outcomes.

To cultivate intimacy with God through personal relationship

Fanning into flame the gifts given to you by God

Impartation to Sons

Impartation to Sons

Bible College lectures take place one day a week, either on a Tuesday evening from 18h25 to 21h30, and on certain specified Saturday mornings for practical application sessions (approximately 4 – 5 additional Saturdays per year).
The Bible College counter is open between 18h00 – 18h25 and 19h20 – 19h40 where students make payment, collect manuals or make enquiries.


Campus Registration takes place THREE Saturdays in January every year.
Please call +27 (0)72 124 2633/ +27 (0)74 550 7432 in October for the official registration dates for next year.
Students that do not register on the scheduled registration dates as advertised will only be able to register the following year.

Registration – what to expect

complete the Application for Admission form
thoroughly read and sign acknowledging compliance
have registration fee in hand whether cash, cheque or copy of EFT (electronic transfer)
Copy of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) letter received from CFCI BC Registrar (if applicable)
Complete the section titled “Non-Church Member”
STUDENTS to attach a letter from their pastor confirming approval/recommendation for bible school attendance and outlining any courses the person may have done at their church.

Registration – what you receive

Student bag
Student lanyard
Student card
Student file containing the basics, namely:
Foundational Training Roster; Bible School Roster; Fee Structure; Prospectus & Student Handbook; Guidelines for Report Writing; Tests Dates & Assignment Pack, Student Contact details change form and CD Order form
An invitation to the COMPULSORY STUDENT INDUCTION/ ORIENTATION which takes place shortly after the annual registration and before the first class.

Annual Fees
Please note that fees are subject to change without prior notification and subject to currency fluctuations.

The Annual Fees will be announced prior to registration and includes the following:
Registration Fee
Module Fee
Lanyard and student card
Student bag with student file
All manuals (handed out when the module is taught)
Transcript at year end
Certificate at year end (whichever is applicable)

Annual and registration fees are subject to change without prior notification.

Annual fees exclude the following:
Student card replacement @ R25 per event
Manual replacement @ R100 per event
CD’s @ R20 per MP3
Test re-write fee @ R50 per event
Test remark fee @ R25 per event
Camp fees (per cost posted each year)
Year end function (per cost posted each year)
Mission trips (per cost posted each year)
Transcript replacement @ R25 per event
Certificate replacement @ R50 per event (for whatever reason)

Fee Structure
The annual fees are determined yearly and may change from time to time. All fees, apart from the registration fees, must be paid prior to commencement of any studies, unless specific arrangements have been made with the Administration office for a payment plan, and monthly installments.