Foundational Courses

This program consists of the following courses that are available for all students and interested persons and are encouraged to complete them within 3 years.

Christian Growth Seminar:
5 Days
This course covers the major truths that will lay a strong foundation for, both young & old born again believers. Some of the subjects covered on the course are; faith, righteousness, water baptism, praise and worship, and the importance of having a Spiritual home.

Biblical Foundations for Life:
6 Days
On this course we build on the foundation previously laid on Christian Growth Seminar, we, expand your understanding covering topics like; The Godhead, The ministry of the Holy Spirit, The Ministry of Angels, The integrity of God’s Word, Faith and how it works, Developing a prayer life, Divine Healing and Prosperity and much more.

Way of the Master:
6 Days
With this revolutionary way of leading people to Jesus in a fun and exciting non confrontation environment, you will win your friends, family and co workers to Jesus. This course is especially designed to teach you the most simple and effective way of witness of witnessing to both friend and stranger.

Contagious Christian:
3 Days
A very effective evangelical course that teaches you how to evangelise according to your personal style. Whether a newly born again believer or mature christian, we aim to find your style and equip you to witness and become more confident and comfortable in winning the lost to Christ.

Under Cover:
4 Days
On this course you will learn the value and power made available to you through submission to authority. Liberty, provision and protection belong to those under the shadow of the Almighty. This curriculum will help you gain an understanding of God’s authority, both direct and delegated. You will flourish as you learn to properly respond to the authority figures in every area of your life.

Biblical Principles of Marriage:
8 Days
The marriage seminar is an in-depth course where the covenant of marriage is explored in light of biblical principles. A vast number of topics are covered including the role of the husband, the role of the wife and so much more.  This course provides you with the guidance on how to attain a Godly marriage under the direction of the Word of God.