1st Year Full Curriculum – Practical Leadership Studies

The Theme of the first year is to “Cultivate intimacy with God through personal Relationship”

Upon successful completion of year one, students will receive an earned certificate of completion, and gain eligibility to enroll for the second year Biblical Studies course.


Integrity of God’s Word
Knowing that the bible is God inspired, trustworthy above all else and a work authored to effect change in fallen man is essential. In this module you will discover that “in the beginning, was the Word” and how that word predicted events thousands of years before they took place.

Why we Study the Bible
The reasons are infinite but suffice to say that only when you discover the purpose of a thing do you recognize its value and potential to elevate your life. God has a plan for each of us, now He must get us ready for the plan, and the tools of His trade? The word!

God is Interested in Your Financial Success
Yes it’s true, God “delights in the prosperity of His servant”. We will unravel the confusion of whether God wants us to be rich in material possessions or not, balance material prosperity with the four other areas in which God desires us to prosper, and a whole lot more.

Developing Spiritual Maturity
Growth is not automatic. We must eat and drink to grow. Likewise, our spiritual man needs to be fed in order to grow, not in size though but rather in stature. There are few things as annoying as an adult who conducts himself like an adolescent; likewise it’s high time that we as Christians “grow up”. This module teaches us how.

Principles of Healing
It is as easy to be healed as it is to be forgiven. That is the truth of the gospel and in this module faith will rise in your heart not only to receive and retain your healing, but minister healing to others.

How to Recognise the Voice of God
“The Spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord”. The Holy Spirit lives in our spirits and directs us into all truth. His voice is a still small voice and we must listen carefully. Learn how to recognize and instantly obey His leading. In this module your “spiritual” antenna will be set to begin clearly hearing from God.

Praise, Thanksgiving & Worship
These are the highest expressions of our faith. We are to worship and praise God not only for what he does but more importantly for who He is. God gives us a pattern of how to, when to and where to. In this module you will discover the power, purpose and freedom of these three actions.

There are many different types of prayer spoken of in God’s word. This module covers not only how to pray, but what prayer to pray and how to receive. Because God gave us dominion over the works of His hands, He will only act when we pray, which makes this module one of the most important in year 1.

Soulwinning S.A.L.T.
The bible tells us that Jesus was a “friend of sinners”, not a casual acquaintance. In today’s Christian circles friendship with the lost is frowned upon so now we will learn how to befriend the lost like Jesus did in order to reconcile them to God without compromising our integrity and conduct. It is possible and brings great joy.

The God of Love
Because God is love, love needs to be defined. When we define true love we define God. This module will have you falling in love with Him all over again as you begin to discover how unconditional His love towards us really is.

The Fruits of the Spirit
Have you ever noticed an apple tree straining to produce apples? No, it happens naturally because the tree is rooted in fertile ground. Many Christian’s are struggling to produce fruit when really all we need to do is ensure that we are rooted in the soil of God’s Love and then the fruit will appear naturally. The nine fruits are identified and cultivated in this module.

Practical Leadership I
Practical training on how to lead and effect change in people within a cell group environment is dealt with extensively in this module. You will receive training as Intern Shepherd preparing you for future leadership positions in your local church.

Be a People Person
Great human relations skill can be taught. Being able to deal well with people from all walks of life is an art and one that every Christian should be trained in. Jesus said our love for Him is determined by how we love and obviously treat others. In this module you will have a great deal of fun learning how to treat your fellow man to bring out the best in them. You will also be trained how to resolve conflict.

Developing the Leader within You
This module is designed to identify the leadership potential in you

Leadership Principles
“Those who think they’re leading when no one is following are merely taking a walk”. “People are not born leaders, leadership is taught”. John Maxwell’s “Developing the leader within you” along with workshops on how to discover where God has called you to lead and what equipment He has furnished you with, forms the body of this module

Power of Words
We have been given the opportunity to declare the promises of God to manifest in our lives. The same way the earth was spoken into existence, so we have the power to create or change our personal circumstances by the words we speak. Death and Life is in the power of the tongue as our words enslave or acquit us. This module will not only teach you how to use your words, effectively appropriating the blessings of God, but it will also empower you to command whatever challenges you face to line up with the Word of God